Chatting to my mum  one day over a cup of tea, she told me how lucky she feels having her family around her all the time.  She told me how aware she is of so many people her age not being this fortunate.  Some older people may have no-one to talk to, or might be unable to get out unaided.  Another problem is that we all lead such busy lives now, just where do we find the time that we should, to pop in and see someone.


This chat with my mum inspired  me to take a different direction in my life.  The more I thought about it, the more determined I became to do something about it.  I felt so strongly, I decided to set up my own business to help.

Karen Smith
I am a local person born in Hertford, I am married with two grown up sons.  I have never moved far and now live in a village just outside of Hertford called Stapleford, and have lived here for over 20 years.
I love gardening, taking my dogs on long country walks, and also rather partial to having a go at aboriginal art.


Contact Karen on: 0785 448 9088